Unlocking Cyber Resilience:
The SASE Zero Trust Concepts in the Eyes of a Cloud-Native Global Leader
An Exclusive Online Roundtable on Zero Trust and SASE

🗓️ March 6th 2024,10:30 – 12:30
📍 Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)

Join us as we delve into the pivotal concepts of Zero Trust and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), exploring how they redefine the cybersecurity landscape in an increasingly digital world.

This interactive roundtable, featuring Shimri Vachter, a renowned SASE Specialist at Cloudflare, promises a blend of expert insights, practical strategies, and engaging discussions designed to empower and inform IT decision-makers on topics of reducing cyber risk, spearheading digital transformation, controlling operational costs and innovation.

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A breakfast basket that will be sent to your doorstep is included!


10:30-10:40: Opening speech - Guy Ben Zvi, Regional Sales Manager - Israel at Cloudflare
10:40-11:10: Session: SASE Zero Trust - The  Cloudflare Approach
Insights into Cloudflare's Perspective on Zero Trust and SASE
11:10-11:40: Technical Simulation: Designing ZT to fit
your corporate needs
Interactive Session with Practical Examples
11:40-12:00: Roundtable Discussion and Breakfast (that will be sent to your doorstep!)

Speaker: Shimri Vachter - SASE Specialist at Cloudflare